About Us

We Care With Love!
Noah’s Ark Daycare is more than just a daycare facility; we are a learning facility. We provide a positive learning environment, encouraging rewards, trusting relationships and a safe atmosphere for our students. Aside from ensuring that your child receives the proper amount of knowledge, exercise and nurturing; we also ensure that your child’s social and emotional needs are met. We achieve this by having the best and dedicated caretakers who will create opportunities for your child to grow in different ways, meet friends and become better emotionally adjusted when interacting with others.

We believe that children should be handled with the utmost care, love and patience. With these, we are able to encourage our students to behave well, and to always be courteous and respectful to their elders and peers.

At Noah’s Ark Daycare the aim of our staff is to nurture our students intellectually and socially through a variety of educational games and stimulating interaction. Children of all ages are in dire need of personalized attention and individualized care. We will be meeting your child’s needs, while you work to ensure their future. By enrolling your child in Noah’s Ark Daycare we guarantee you that your child will be in the best and most capable hands.

Call us now at 718-759-8432, to see what great things are in store for your child’s future.